Sunday, May 3, 2015

Prizes Winners Announcement!

Ya'll have been so patient but the time has come to announce ALL of the Crafty April Website Launch month.
So here we go...

Website Launch Giveaway
The phrase Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA appears twice on the website: On the F.A.Q and on the right side under free video tutorials. One of the few people who got it right is and wins the fab giveaway is... 
Terri Burson

Goodie Tote Giveaway 
This was a huge success! Many of you tagged friends and they tagged their friends! I made a list of EVERYONE and asked my boy to pick a random number. The lady on that number is...
Linda Lechnir Chidster

Giveaway No. 2
Thanks for sharing it all over the WWW
The winner is...Milka Gubo

Workshop Surprize
Well... from all those who were smart enough to take a class this April I picked one name to get one of my classes for free! Since there aren't many classes offered yet this offer will be open to that person until the end of the year!
That lucky winner is...Perla Nespo!

Website Trivia
I've already posted all the answers to the website trivia here so you can check them out.
Many of you had fun playing and you knew the answers. 
The winner of the stamp set is...
Barb Macaskill

All winners: please email me your address so I can send you your prize.
Thanks for being part of my website launch and playing along!

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Have fun creating! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wrapping Up Crafty April Website Launch with my Birthday Party!

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why" - Mark Twain

I'm so excited to celebrate my birthday with all of you!
Mark Twain's quote describes my personal journey so well. The day I realized what I was meant to do here, in this life was truly important. Finding out that I can make people happy with art and inspiration was an uplifting Revelation I took very seriously. I feel so lucky and blessed I can share my inspiration with you and get so much love in return.

The greatest gift I can receive on my birthday is giving a gift to you!

One of you will receive a surprise goodie bag full of crafty goodness!

All you need to do is write me a birthday wish in the comments. 
I'll pick a random name and the winner will be announced on May 3rd.

Let's wrap this amazing Crafty April Website Launch with a bang!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Website Trivia Answers

How fun was this game right? i almost played it myself :)

Here are all the website trivia answers:

How many social media buttons are on my home page?
There are 8 buttons: Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Etsy (which isnot exactly social media), Instagram, Flickr and Twiter.

What is my new professional name?
My new professional name is: Einat Kessler Creative Professional. When I thought on a new name I had lots of ideas but liked no one. A fellow designer Gen Goode suggested this name and it was a perfect fit! Thanks Gen.

What is the first question on the FAQ
The first question is: How do I subscribe to your blog?

What is your favorite product from the list of my favorite products?
That was an easy question...all answers are correct!

What is written on the blinkie in "spread the word"?
The blinkie reads: einat kessler Creative professional, Find your Inspiration.
Please grab it for your FB, blog or website :)

How many metal embellishments can you spot on the website's header?
That was a trick question...I admit. there are 7 metal embellishments: 2 washers, 1 metal piece under the header and 2 staples on each side.

What are the two major things we can do to save our money and still enjoy crafting?
1. Shop for crafting supplies in our own stash!
2. Find more affordable ways to buy supplies or get them IF we really need them!

What are the signature colors of the new website?
There are three main colors: teal, orange & brown

How many designers share tips are on the Frugal Crafting post?
There are 7 designers who contributed tips to the Frugal crafting post

What is the name of my new Etsy shop?My new Etsy shop is called: Cogwheels & Curls.

Which online class is coming soon?
The new online class which will be coming soon th the website is: Creating 101: Steampunk

The winner who answered ALL questions correctly will win a Unity Stamp set and will be announced on May 3rd!

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Have fun creating!


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