Friday, July 3, 2015

Help Me Decide

Crafty life presents its challenges and questions. I'm not talking about how much money to spend on a product or making the decision tobuy or not to buy. I'm talking about important stuff like which project to create first, how to decorate your craft room or which altering method to use in a project. You know...important questions :)

Sometimes it's really hard to make these decisions myself so I decided to share these questions with you! Every month in my newsletter I will ask your opinion on a different design or craft issue and ask you to help me decide which way to go!

The first question I wanted your help with was regarding this old suitcase that I had for awhile. I really love it but have no idea what todo with it. Alter it? Restore it? Not touch it?.....

If you want to help me decide sign up for the  Einat Kessler creative newsletter and join the exclusive group of people that will be a partofmycreative life!

Have fun creating!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What's in The Box Giveaway!

I had a birthday in April and my dad gave me a blank check. Seriously! It's a tradition that we have. He gives me a blank check and says: "it will come out of your inheritance" Being the good daughter that I am I have never abused that and I always buy something for myself that is not too expensive.

This time I decided to treat myself to some craft supplies. So it took awhile for the stuff to get to me, because I had someone bring it to me instead of sending it in the mail. The box is filled with all kinds of goodies and I want you to guess what's in there!

Here are a few things to consider:
* Think about what I love to create (you can check my blogs posts and my YouTube channel)
* Think about the materials I love to use
* Think about what can fit in a medium flat rate box
* Think about the fact that someone had to bring it to me and carry it. Would I ask someone to do that if the supplies are too big or heavy?

* There are different types of supplies
* I bought them online in 3 different stores

I think that's enough information...

You need to guess what's in the box!
The more right answers you have the greater chance you have to win because you get more entries!
You can guess as many times you want.
You have to share this in social media. For every friend you tag you get additional entry!

You will win a surprise goodie bag that will be filled with crafty goodness. And you know from previous giveaways that my goodie bags are always generously full with amazing products! The winner will be announced on July 24th.

Have fun creating!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wall of Inspiration: Mixed Media Canvas - Grow

Experimenting is one of the best things in mixed media. It's fun to try new materials, new techniques and new combinations. in this new small canvaS for my wall of inspiration I tries a new technique with hot  glue. Yes...that hot glue that you use for gluing things down. Apparently it can be a really great material to add texture to a canvas or an art journal page.

I used some aquarelle pencils and gelatos to add layers of color to my canvas. I added lots of texture with modeling paste and the hot glue art I created. I used a low temp hot glue gun which was much easier on my fingers. I don't know why but I always manage to get my fingers burned when I'm using a hot glue gun, so this one was great.

This is a great technique to try on an art journal page too, but remember to gesso your page first. And make sure everything is dry before you close your journal. Hot glue tend to be sticky sometimes, especially after using a heat tool around it.

What materials and techniques did you experiment with? Check out the video to find out how my experiments turned out!

Have fun creating!


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